Combined wire drawing machine LZ5/700+DL800

• High Speed • Advance Design • Steady performance • Durable Service Life •



Salient Features

This model wire drawing machine is designed for taking up big diameter and heavy steel wire .Features:Continuous production,can take up heavy steel wire,man-machine dialogue, motor over temperature production, meter calculation, full meter alarm,fault display, etc. The control type adopts the PLC control, is a kind of high efficiency,convenient operation,high degree of automation, wide range of technology advanced drawing equipment.

Main Technical Parameters

Item Unit Data
Maximum diameter of inlet wire mm  φ10-φ8
Minmum diameter of oulet wire mm  φ5.0- φ4.0
Drawing line speed m/min  150-250
Inlet tensile strength Mpa ≤1150
Total compression rate % 75
Average compression rate % 20
Motor power Kw 55-45
Dimersions mm 10500x4000x2000