Furniture Connecting Rod Fittings Forging Machine

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Main Specifications:

Model Unit APMKH-9
Type open clamping die
Appro.Dimension Cm 480*140*200
Max. Product Diameter Mm 9(Unlimited length)
Max. Product Diameter Mm 6(Standard length)
Open Clamped Die Length Mm 120
Open Clamped Die Size Mm 50*55*120
Punch Die Size Mm 38*125
Machine Color Customized
Max. Output Pcs per min. 60
Voltage V Customized
Main Motor Power Kw 7.5
Appro. Machine Weight Ton 5

1.We reserves the right to modify the above parameters, and may not be notified if there is any modification;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The maximum material shear diameter and the suitable product diameter listed in the table are calculated as medium carbon alloy steel, equivalent to 10.9 high strength screws.

Application Scope

The Mold Open And Clamping Heading Machine belong to the cold heading machine, the function is the first molding and the second punching products, which is mainly used for forming the heads of the screw products, the work principle is line materials calibration, accessing lines, sending materials to the main mold, first punching initial forging, and second punching the formed blank materials and withdraw.Used to secondary forming of special shape parts.

Items can be produced by the Furniture Connecting Rod Fittings Heading Machine

Furniture connecting rod fittings,furniture connection rod screws,various clamped molding screws,double heads screws,double caps parts,multi steps special parts,etc.

Open Closed Die Forging Machine forged screws

Open Closed Die Forging Machine forged screws

Open Closed Die Forging Machine forged fasteners

Open Closed Die Forging Machine forged fasteners

Standard accessories of Furniture Connecting Rod Fittings Heading Machine

1. One set of trial tools
2. One set of standard hand tools.
3. One set of standard spare parts.
4. One set of control Panel
5. One set of AC motor
6. Inside Lamp

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