M20*350MM Extra Long Screws Making Machine

• High Speed • Advance Design • Steady performance • Durable Service Life •



Main Specifications:

Model Unit APM20350
Stations Pcs One die two blows
Appro.Dimension Cm 598*252*210
Main Slider Stroke Mm 450
Suitable Product Size M12-M20
Max. Product Length Mm 350
Min. Product Length Mm 75
Max. Production Speed Pcs/Min. 30
Main Motor Power Kw 37
Appro. Machine Weight Ton 25

Application Scope

Extra Long Screws Making Machine is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. High Speed Screws Cold Forging Machine are used for producing different kinds of self tapping screws,rivets,hinge pin and special parts in the field of fastener industry. Because of the advantage of the cold forging equipment itself and the superiority of cold forging technique, the Extra Long Screws Making Machine also are widely used in different national economic fields for producing fasteners and non-standard parts for industry of building,aviation steamer, machinery, rail traffic, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, construction, furniture, light industry and daily necessities, etc.

Items can be produced by the M20*350MM Extra Long Screws Making Machine

self tapping screws,rivets,hinge pin and special parts,chipboard screw,particle board screw,double ended screw,dowel screw,hanger bolt,drywall screw,lag screw,mirror screw,sheet metal screw,Twinfast screw,wood screw,Security head screw,self-drilling screw,self-tapping machine screw,Teks screw,auto fasteners,etc.

Salient Features of M20*350MM Extra Long Screws Making Machine

1. The latest design, beautiful appearance, high speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy to operate.
2.Important components, such as bed and sliders are made of high strength and quality castings, and high stability.
3.Guide plate and crankshaft uniform imported high wear resistance alloy steel, and after special treatment, super wearable.
4.The main slide rails design adopts before and after (double track) designed to ensure high-speed impact, stable and reliable.
5.The new type cam and lifter system to ensure the accuracy of first and second punching stability.
6.Some parts adopts machining center to ensure the accuracy and interchangeability of parts.
7.Oil tank multi-stages filtration,forced circulation lubrication system to ensure that the oil filtered and clean to the lubrication points which can extend equipment life.
8.Suitable for making of small screws, precision screws, extra long screws.

Main Standard and optional items for cold heading machine


High Speed Cold Heading Machine auto checker computer system High Speed Cold Heading Machine PKO knock out system
Auto checker for cold heading machine PKO for cold heading machine
High Speed Cold Heading Machine screw parts conveyor High Speed Cold Heading Machine coil stand
Screw conveyor for cold heading machine Coil stand for cold heading machine


Standard accessories of M20*350MM Extra Long Screws Making Machine

1. One set of trial tools
2. One set of standard hand tools.
3. One set of standard spare parts.
4. One set of control Panel
5. One set of AC motor
6. Inside Lamp

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