Spring Lock Washer Cutting Machine

• High Speed • Advance Design • Steady performance • Durable Service Life •



Main Specifications:

Model Spring Washer Size Motor(KW) Weight(TON) Dimension(CM)
SPS-5 M3-M5 0.55 0.3 85*70*125
SPS-8 M6-M8 0.55 0.5 120*65*95
SPS-12 M10-M12 1.1 0.6 145*75*135
SPC-16 M14-M16 1.5 1 155*75*135
SPC-20 M18-M20 1.5 1.2 165*145*90
SPC-30 M22-M30 2.2 1.5 185*100*150
SPC-48 M30-M48 5.5 3 200*110*180

Application Scope

Spring Lock Washer Cutting Machine is to cut continious coiled raw coiled into separate spring washer.

Salient Features of Spring Lock Washer Cutting Machine

1. The automatic running with plc control.
2. Wire drawing speed is fast and drawed flatten wire surface bright and top appearance.
3. Easy to operate and less power consumption.

Main Structure and Designs

Spring Lock Washer Cutting Machine structure

Spring Lock Washer Cutting Machine structure

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