Turnover Wet Wire Drawing Machine

• High Speed • Advance Design • Steady performance • Durable Service Life •



Salient Features

Turnover wet wire drawing machine manufactured by pingsheng is applicable for high speed drawing of high intensity copper plated steel wire used for curtain steel wire.

Features:matching with SG120,SG165 vertical take-up machine or SG195,SG255 horizontal take-up machine;AC variable-frequency speed adjustment,PLC digital communication control,constant tension adjustable,touch screen,perfect safety system,automatic diagnosis,human-machine dialogue,etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Model LT160-23-260 LT160-21-275 LT320-17-360 LT320-15-360
Applicable Production Galvanized steel wire,high carbon steel wire Copper clad steel wire,resistance wire High carbon ,high-intensity steel wire CO-protected welding wire
Drawing dies 23 21 17 15
Outlet range 0.10-0.5mm 0.15-0.5mm 0.5-1.0mm 1.0-1.6mm
Maximum speed 20m/s-1 18m/s-1 10m/s-1 8m/s-1

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